It's Time to Play MLS Superdraft Bingo!


Here it is kids! The 2009 MLS Superdraft bingo card brought to you by Advantage Played and The Offside Rules in association with Designated Players. The rules are simple: when you spot one of the draft day cliches during ESPN2's live coverage (January 15 at 2pm EST), you cross out the box. Get five in a row in any direction and you have bingo! The winner get a tryout with Seattle Sounders FC! (I'm kidding but you wouldn't be surprised would you?)

And if you are as clueless as most people are about college soccer --and that includes 90% of the paid pundits out there-- you should check out the cracking rundown of top prospects at Advantage Played.


NYCMetroStars17 said...

This is brilliant. Just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

This is so disappointing. A friend and I had just come up with the idea for draft day bingo for the NFL and now I find out it's been done. Sort of. :(