Pan Pacific Championship Participants Announced


Since the secret's out that the Pan Pacific Championships are moving to the mainland, SUM dropped this year's dates and lineups this afternoon. Whether that was the plan or if it's due to the location cat being let out of the bag, I have no idea. All I know is that the J.League's Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Champion Oita Trinita, K-League champion Suwon Samsung Bluewings, and Chinese Super League winner Shandong Luneng Taishan FC (whom the press release points out are the "Real Madrid of China") are all on the card with the LA Galaxy, who much to the chagrin of my Riot Squad bretheren are champions of nothing.

I don't know who's playing for the Asian clubs but with Becks and Donovan away on loan, the pitch may be lacking for star power. Eddie Lewis, this is your moment.


RHYbread said...

I applaud our management at their unabashed money grab. At least LA does one thing right; making SUM (and MLS owners) bags of money.

Anonymous said...

WTF how about the crew instead of the galaxy? Make this a real championship. What about Australia?

Anonymous said...

Yeah where's Australia?? How in the hell did the Galaxy qualify? This tournament is such a joke!

Anonymous said...

WTF?! The Galaxy are in there? That's retarded. They should move this to Australia or Japan. And I don't think the A-League is in here this year because of conflicting schedules. They'll be in the middle of the playoffs while this is taking place.

Anonymous said...

So what will Asia think of Becks LA Boys when their clubs are done beating them mercilessly Oscar De La Hoya style at the HDC? This is going to be a joke. At least they could have given the spot to Chivas USA.

Binks said...

The Cosmos had the same sort of "Championships" when they sucked. I don't have a problem with the L.A. Galazy having a spot in this thing.

I would move it to another venue that's soccer starved and has a populous willing to snap pictures and throw panties at Beckham. It doesn't work in most of the cities on the East Coast now, but it would work IN New Orleans or St. Louis just fine.

Who gives a shit about this in Los Angeles besides the season ticket holder that's already been ass-raped for his hard earned dollar and gotten NOTHING in return the past two years.

I feel for them. They've got more going on excitement wise in the park down the street bicycle jousting than Beckham linking up with Donovan has been this past season and a half.

Dan said...

Since Beckham is going to be otherwise occupied, there is no other place to hold this thing.

It will have the benefit of fucking Galaxy season ticket holders out of a bonus game or two. I agree the invitation to this "championship" should have gone to Chivas USA, because that's how much I fucking hate Chivas USA.