One Earthquakes Fan, There's Only One Earthquakes Fan...

You may not be a quakes fan but if you follow MLS you can probably relate to this on some level. I feel like that --banging the drum alone to the confusion of those around me-- when I'm at family gatherings or any one of those other events that my wife takes me to and I end up standing in the kitchen drinking beer with a bunch of other guys who I only know as "_______'s husband" or "_______'s Dad." Everybody wants to talk about what McNabb is doing, not what McBride did.

And even though a cure has been found, I still think that this was one of the best campaigns.


Dave said...

this man has the crazy legs!

those commercials were great along with the one where the guy kicks that dog into the bus stop upper 90

Guy Gayle said...

Nice seeing my mug unexpectedly in a blog I read.

Thanks for the love.