NSR: The Prodigy's Omen

I'm not posting this because I'm feeling the song but more out of respect for my cartoon rave grandads. I actually danced on-stage with The Prodigy one night on the Music for the Jilted Generation tour, which was easily the highlight of my non-DJing adolescent nocturnal adventures. In the early 90's no one (not even Ed Chemical) created breaks so dense, energetic or as bassy as Liam Howlett and I worshiped him for it. Thankfully I never got that tattoo of their logo that I always talked about getting on my calf.

But that doesn't mean that they should still be releasing records though. This new sh*t should just be licensed straight away to EA Sports because it is just full-on video game music. Great energy but I can't see myself listening to it while driving a real car. But listening to it while wrecklessly driving a car on Midnight Club...that I could do. That or it should be on one of the Options screens on FIFA09.


WonsanUnited said...

The latest Prodigy track just straight up sucks. Experience is by far their best album. Music For The Jilted Generation was pretty good, but after that they went downhill. They need to stop, or at least just Liam Howlett. It's over man.

Anonymous said...

i haven't been feeling the newest stuff from prodigy, but like you guys, I LOVED the older albums.