Mike Magee in LA, My Faith in RBNY Being Tested

First we had to see Dave van den Berg strutting around D-town with his new buddies, now Mike Magee (who until his trade to LA was the longest-tenured Metro) is being all insensitive and telling me how great the weather is, how happy he is now & how he never liked me anyway. So add being "officially unhappy" to "being jaded" on my list of despicable additions to my disposition. Congratulations life, you have broken me.

I'm sure I'm just being dramatic and will get over it but my man Onionsack said it best yesterday and pointed out that other than the signings of Mike Petke and Mac Kandji, there has been just an avalanche of bad news for RBNY fans since MLS Cup. His list of negative news is as follows:

-Jeff Parke, RBNY's most consistent defender lost in expansion draft
-Defender Diego Jimenez not offered a contract and returns to Mexico
-Decide to pass on hot academy prospect Matt Kassel for a second time
-Dave van den Berg goes to Dallas (but to be fair it was the right thing to do)
-Mike Magee traded to Los Angeles
-Find out card-magnet Juan Pietravallo is guaranteed a 200K contract
-Good but not great midfielder Jorge Rojas' salary is doubled
-Red Bull Arena is delayed yet again
-Hanover Training Facility is suspended indefinitely

I think most of you know that I'm pretty gung-ho about my club and the game in this country and try to be pretty level-headed about it all, even when things get pear-shaped. So please just for today excuse me just this once for being openly emotional about the fact that I feel like God, the State of New Jersey & various other elements are conspiring to do their damnedest to pry me away from being a fan of this franchise. I mean it really is like they don't want me to support them.

I was pretty bummed out yesterday after I read about the stadium delay, but I wasn't (and still am not) upset with the club about it. I understand that there have been challenges along the way that were out of their hands and I certainly cannot blame them for the sins of the father, decisions that were made before they took over.

However as a fan the one thing that really disappoints me is that for the past 4 season I, and I imagine many others, have purchased season tickets because of the team's ticket sales staff dangling the new stadium and a place in line to buy tickets there in front of me like a carrot. Every year I get a call, read online and hear stadium announcements about securing seats at Red Bull Arena by being a season ticket holder. This happened in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Hell, I even put down a $100 deposit on seats in Harrison 3 years ago.

Again I know that things happen that are often out of your control when building a major piece of construction, especially in New Jersey. I get that, I really do. But don't keep putting these movable goal posts in front of me when --real talk alert!-- there really is no other urgent need for me to buy season tickets for Giants Stadium (although I am appreciative of all of the free kits, track jackets and other perks that come with season tickets).

It may not sound like it, but I actually like most of the people I have dealt with at RBNY. I'm not trying to hate on them by any means. But continuing to entice me with the stadium is just wrong. For my sanity please, just don't even mention it for the remainder of the calendar year. In return, I will not complain about this particular issue again.


AndrewK said...

you guys get free kits and track jackets?!?!

This year the Revs gave us calendars. I want some real schwag!

SCNewJersey said...


right there with you.

tucksider said...

it might make you feel a little better to read through some of the comments on this Goff post:

DCU looks to be in lousy shape for this year... and we still don't even have a /site/ for a stadium.

Cindy said...

you deserve a hug, i hope you get one!

trm said...

I feel your disappointment with the stadium, man. As a season ticket holder from game 1, #99 in the list for new stadium tickets, we just had to let them go this year. It's just too difficult for my dad to deal with the swamp. First we moved from the first row to the back because of the stairs, then even getting from the car to the seats became too difficult. It's just really a disappointment that the stadium wasn't ready in time to really enjoy it. So I'm with you too, best to just ignore it until it's here.

Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad for the RBNY ticket reps. They call constantly and have to use the carrot of the new stadium to get people to subscribe for a season. Meanwhile, there has been no effort to make it easier for fans to get to the Meadowlands from the city. The end result is that I, and many of my friends, don't even use half of our tickets because it's so difficult to get out there. So, why should I buy a season ticket package?

OK, cue the responses from people who live in other parts of the country that have no understanding of how NYC is completely dependent upon public transportation ...

Coachie said...

Yes, NYC is dependent on public transport. Jersey is different. I kind of laugh at the Red Bull Arena situation. Will it ever open?

Many NYC soccer fans will wait to embrace a team that actually embraces the NYC market, as opposed to the suburbs. Columbia's 17,000 seat stadium or Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island or KeySpan Park await.