Marriage: Everybody's Doing It


Congrats go out to RSL's Kenny Deucher for punching above his weight and landing his gorgeous wife. I guess I should congratulate Heather Mitts as well for her long overdue engagement to A.J. Feeley. About time he sacked up and drafted her...but I know alot of guys will be disappointed that she's off the market. In all seriousness though I wish them all the best and hope that they're happy ever after etc, etc.


Anonymous said...

AJ Feeley is a tool. Heather should date a soccer guy. Her and Mia are sellouts.

I love you, Heather!

andrewk said...

good lord, who is that woman?

If she's just some SLC lovely, gotta hand it to Deuchar, hasn't been in town for more than half a year and he's pulled this off.

Also, nice kilt, kenny.

Anonymous said...

Lucky bastard. Kenny's a double threat. He's a doctor and professional athlete. Not hard to push above you weight when you have two occupations women love!

Anonymous said...

The Doc landed a hot one, didn't he? Too bad she's a Mormon and doesn't believe in the BJ.

Anonymous said...

She's from Scotland, not UT

Sean said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaand now she's headed back:


See ya, Doc.