Like Shaft, DaMarcus Beasley Is a Complicated Man


I don't know what's going on with Run DMB; one day he's staying with Rangers the next day he's on the trade block if the papers are to be believe. But I'm not even sure my man knows what's going on with him. In today's AP piece he says both “If I’m not playing here, I should move on” and "I love the club and I’m hopeful I can get back in and play my part in the team. I don’t have any desire to go somewhere else because I’m happy here.”

He sounds a little conflicted to me. I think he wants to stay in Glasgow....if he's playing. Otherwise he'd like to get off the pine and hit the road which is totally understandable. It shouldn't be too hard for him to find work; if Europe isn't working out, Dave van den Berg just left for Texas so I think there might be a position open for a left winger in New Jersey.


Gregg said...

Dude aint conflicted. He wants to stay at Rangers and get regular playing time so he can be a part of the World Cup Qualifiers and the Confederations cup. Clearly its more important to him to play regularly so he keeps his place on the US national team than it is to stay at Rangers even though he loves being at Rangers.

In summation that man loves his country more than his club. It is nice to see that kind of dedication from a core member of the nats.

SCNewJersey said...

as much as i hate the 'Gers, I would kill to have Beas running up and down the left flank in Jersey.

It's only a pipe dream... but a damn good one at that.

Anonymous said...

as much as RB wants a DP, you want a DP that is going to stay healthy for all that money and cap space. w/ JPA already set, its hard to think both can be around at the sae time when we know both have been injury prone throughout their careers

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