The Librarian: Day of the Match


You know those bedside books that your Gran reads at night before she goes to bed? You know the ones that you're meant to read one page a day and are often of a spiritual nature and whatnot? Day of the Match is kind of like that except instead of getting a daily prayer you get a daily piece of soccer history. It's great stuff, although it's a bit heavy on British footie history (but I'm only 21 days into it so there is plenty of time for the remainder of the planet to play catch up).

I'll tell you one that straight shocked me was the reading for January 17th: Sons of Ben formed in Philadelphia, U.S.A. I wasn't prepared to see anything MLS-related in there --sans a Beckham-to-Galaxy mention-- so that was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Always good to see the supporters groups get a little shine as well so I'm doubly pleased with my purchase.

If you want to purchase it for yourself, Tower.com is the only domestic shop I was able to find it in but Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones, and WHSmith have it as well if you are in Europe.


SoB member said...

Now let's see that SoB page. :)

SF said...

If I remember I'll scan it in tonight but I'm pretty sure that my evening will be spent serving my sick/pregnant missus, geeking out on the Lost premier and if I have time geeking out on on Call of Duty.

Kenny Johnson said...

just ordered my copy, thanks for the tip.

Backhand said...

Sons of Ben spotting! Brilliant!