José Torres > Neven Subotic


How great would it be if José Torres got picked to face Mexico next month? I hope that he starts, scores the game winner and then drops trow before Sven-Goran Eriksson revealing a pair stars & stripes underwear. America...f*ck yeah!

I know it's bad form to want to rub victory in the face of the defeated but damn it feels good that unlike Sebotic or Rossi, we got to keep this one. Jack Bell, the soccer Yoda of The New York Times talked to Pachuca's Tex-Mex sensation about how it was he came to commit to the Yanks and not those other guys in the green shirts. José Torres > Neven Subotic.


FC Uptown said...

Man, I am with you on Torres. Hope to see him do well, especially if he could make Mexico eat it. He seems great on the ball. Duece, Cooper, and Torres - all Texans.

Anonymous said...

If someone made a Torres>Subotic t-shirt i would buy it.

Alex said...

I would prefer a Torres > Subotic + Rossi x Castillo t-shirt, but I'm with you, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Im really liking this kid Torres, hes definitely got a big future, but as of right now we have no one better than Rossi or Subotic.

Martek said...

I wonder how he'll be received once the FMF season restarts down there. My guess is not well.

Maybe he'll come to MLS.