Is It Just Me or Do American Keepers Just Sprout Right Out of the Ground in Europe?


Ever heard of this kid Colin Burns? I've never heard of him but apparently he's an American player who's been outsourced to Europe. He's played for a team that sound's like a curry (Olimpia Bălţi), one that could be a knock-off soft drink from the Carter era (Sepsi-78) and one that appears to be the name of an Olympic medalist from eastern Europe (Kokkolan Palloveikot). He's currently playing for Ljungskile SK, who are not a Norwegian metal band but in fact a top-flight Swedish squad.

There are just soooooo many Yank keepers over there that it's officially an American cottage industry. Names like Matt Allen, Ian Joyce, Patrick Lane, Luis Robles, and David Yelldell aren't as known as
Freidel, Howard, Guzan or Hanneman but they're over there doing thier thing albeit with a little less press. Except for Burns who got the love from Soccernet today.

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Anonymous said...

Watch for Matt Allen in 2009 as he has signed with Sandefjord in Norway. They play in the Norwegian Tippeligaen (the Premiership in Norway).