Greg Lala's Almanac: Great for Fans, Crap for Crops


SI.com's Greg Lalas has done us all a service by picking out the important dates to avoid planning a wedding, birthday party, Bat Mitzvah, court appearance or Powerpoint presentation on. It's the inaugural 2009 Soccer Almanac and I personally wish there was a legit print book like this.

Be sure and mark 'em down and for all of you with a green thumb you should plant your crops accordingly; could be nice to have food handy for that post-victory bout of the munchies.


Anonymous said...

It should say Lalas' not Lala's

you've the ' in the wrong place.

--The Grammar Police

SF said...

Oops. Thanks.

Hey do you want a job as copy editor? I can pay you in second-tier energy drinks.

Anonymous said...