Ezra Hendrickson Is in a Condo in Boca Raton as We Speak


Looks like the bell finally rang at the Old School. The Ezra Hendrickson era is over.


Sterlinho said...

Rumors have it that Sigi is set to hire a new coach in Seattle soon. Ezra as an assistant in Seattle? He's been with every other MLS team. Why not the new guys?

Anonymous said...

here is the link, says perhaps a fitness coach


Anonymous said...

Dude, I totally made up that Ezra to Seattle comment. I wasn't serious. I just figured, "Hey, Ezra's played for Sigi and that just got done in Columbus, Why not throw it out there?"

You can tell by the time stamps that I posted my comment before Jose Romero on his blog.

Anonymous said...

well, you guessed the future, its official