Video: Trailer for The REAL Chiva Girls

Personally I am not a big advocate of cheerleaders at soccer games. It just seems a little off, kinda like that one time I went to an Indian restaurant back home in Texas that had a beef korma on the menu; you have to cater to the audience, but there's something unauthentic about it.

But hey, who am I to judge. If these lovely young women want to share there love of synchronization, go-go boots, exposed midriffs & shouty songs with the American soccer fan why should anyone stand in the way of their dreams? Furthermore, why shouldn't anyone base a reality show around it? Can't be any worse than Momma's Boys.


RHYbread said...

Not all of us are Hindu (though I am). Besides that, most Indian dishes you'll see in the typical Indian restaurant are of the Mughal (Muslim) inspired variety. Which is why many Indian restaurants serve beef, lamb, etc. The food my mom cooks at home is completely diffferent than what I've eaten in a restaurant.

SF said...

Oh true that. I had just never seen beef on the menu before; I just figured it was because the spots I used to hit when I lived in London and the ones here in NY were more legit than the one's back home as there were not a lot of Indian cats where I came from.

Thanks for the lesson...and when you gonna invite me 'round to eat at Mom duke's?

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah this might arouse some of the ticket holders, but look around in the stands. See any women, little girls, teenagers in number jerseys? Think this is going to make them feel right at home? I doubt it. If this is what you want, go home, crack open the internet, and have a ball.

lovinlife21 said...

I don't know too much about Indian menus but I do know that soccer (futbol) isn't very popular in the US. So if Chivas wants to add beautiful cheerleaders to up ticket sales and promote soccer, good for them! And about Anonymous' comment, nobody complains about Lakergirls or Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ever making women, little girls and teens uncomfortable at games, do they? :)