Video: Parkhurst & Smith Say Goodbye to NE on ShalrieTV

Leave it to my dude Shalrie Joseph to drop this behind-the-scenes clip into my inbox unannounced (good-lookin' out cousin, keep the ShalrieTV comin'). It's 2+ minutes of him clowning in the locker room with the Revs dearly departed; Micheal "Denmarked" Parkhurst and Khano "Seattle Slew" Smith, whose signing bonus from the Sounders was apparently an XBOX 360. Personally I would have held out for one of those big-ass touchscreen things like the guy has on CNN, but I'm a picky S.O.B.


andrewk said...

This is awesome in a let's be serious kinda way:

"We gonna be really dissapointed if you guys don't come support me and the Revs. But I don't blame you guys. A lotta fans tell me they aint coming back next year cuz of what the Revs is doin, and I'm not surprised. It's a shame, hopefully we gonna go after somebody good next year."

I don't mean to get all serious on TOR, but that's one hell of a statement coming from Shalrie. Have to think he got a stern talking to from Billelo or Tornberg for that one.

SCNewJersey said...

i agree with andrew.. i appreciate they're just goofin' around, but sounds to me like the Revs aren't housing a happy locker room. Then again, this is the first TRUE "behind the scenes" video i've ever seen of an MLS team, so maybe this is what getting paid 10k does to a person's moral

Binks said...

After the Revs total failure this year, They all need to beusing kickmedic. Seriously, this whole team needs an overhaul.