Video: Nate Jaqua Wears His Feelings On His Sleeves

Check out this clip of Nate Jaqua following last Wednesday's CONCACAF Champions League match against Firpo. It was his last match for the Dynamo (again) so the Houston Chronicle's Bernardo Fallas wanted to get his thoughts on the whole end-of-an-era thing. Just as you would expect the dude says all the right things about how great the organization, players, and fans are in Houston.

But let me ask you this; what does his shirt --a Sounders-green flannel-- say? It says "I cannot wait to leave this oppressive heat behind. And I'm so stoked that the team is getting Eddie Vedder to pick me up from the airport."

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Kevin in Houston said...

Funny thing about that shirt. Since Nate came back from Austria earlier this year, he has worn that shirt when leaving the locker room on about 20 occasions. For a while I was wondering if he left all of his other cool shirts in Austria or if they had already been forwarded to Seattle.