Video: Jeff Bradley Goes Deep With Hull Skipper Phil Brown

Mark 2008 down as the year Hull City went from ashy to classy. There's still loads of season ahead of them but the EPL freshmen are currently sitting in 6th place in the league and holding on to a spot in Europe. Meanwhile the only thing keeping Robinho's Man City out of the relegation zone is goal differential. So yeah, not bad at all for a small club from a small city in the eastern hinterlands of Yorkshire.

Anyway, Jeff Bradley (Jersey Shore represent!) sat down with their gaffer for an insightful & lengthy interview the other day and the video above is the product. Apparently Jeff is on an 11-day trip across the U.K. taking in Liverpool, London, Manchester and God knows where else (check his blog for more info). Hopefully he'll send back more evidence of his time in Jolly Olde because this stuff is excellent.

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Steveinho said...

Until this year, Hull City was the largest city in Europe to never play in it's top flight. Read that a couple years ago, don't know the new answer to it.

But good for'em.