TOR's Favourite Albums of 2008: #7

This one isn't a new recording but a new release if that makes any sense. The Clash Live at Shea Stadium was recording in 1982 but never got a proper release until this year. Now I know there are those punk purist out there who aren't too high on the band at this point because they were flirting so heavily with elements of dub ("This Is Radio Clash"), disco ("The Magnificent Seven") and throwback rock ("Should I Stay or Should I Go"). But that's why I prefer them at this point --some would say their peak, at least commercially-- because they sprinkled some new spices onto the punk plate without it sounding forced.

Remember when David Bowie did that terrible, hokey, I'm-desperate-to-sound-relevant drum & bass record in the 90's? This is the exact opposite.


Marjo said...

Amazing choice. You sir have proven yourself to be a true music connoisseur.

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Attaboy, SF.

Almost 30 years later and still can't get enough. And I would agree with you, to a certain extent, about the band really being at their peak in mixing in diverse styles.

Magnificent Seven rules!