The TOR Year End Music Top 10 (This Thing Goes to 11)

Since it's the off season and things are moving slower than San Jose's stadium progress (what, I said it) allow me to indulge you with my top 10 (+1) albums of 2008. I'll be spitting them out individually over the next few days in between not discussing "SigiGate" and emails tainted with whispers of the Revs moving to Connecticut. Bear in mind these are my favorite albums of 2008, not necessarily the best albums of 2008, which are two completely different things.

So starting off we have "Jim", the sophomore record from lefty, British singer/instrumentalist Jamie Lidell. Brimming with bright, sunny soul and funky electronic flourishes this was a big one for me over the summer, the soundtrack to at least a dozen bbq's. The video above is for the lead-off single "Another Day" and it's dark bizarreness stands in contrast to the light & airiness of it's gospel-tinged soundtrack. Don't you just love juxtaposition?


Sean said...

Damn, you're a hater.

tfina said...

"Dark bizarreness"?

No way.

It's just some real good schtuff

(and whomever compared him to Sam Cooke et al had it on the button)

SF said...

Women with no mouths are a little dark to me. But what do I know...