This Just In: DeRo to BMO in 2009


See this is what I'm talking about. Toronto is bring DeRo back home for the 2009 season in exchange for allocation money and Julius James. As I type this the TFC faithful are probably crying Carlsberg-tainted tears of joy at the thought of the hometown boy in the engine room of the Big Red Machine next year and I don't blame them. But here's the $325,000 question ($325000 was DeRo's 2008 salary); is he the DP that John Carver has been crying out for or has he been brought back home to be the Canadian Donovan?

Who knows but either way it will just be awesome to see him doing his thing in front of his people next year. You think BMO is loud now? Sh*********t, wait 'til they're cheering for DeRo, not against DeRo.


Chris said...

Not the DP!!!!

Season is too far away!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool as a neutral observer, but I'll always remember him as a member of the Dynamo.

Remember DeRo was the one who came out blasting the artificial surface at BMO, bound to be an issue soon.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Oh, what the hell?

I demand that the people of Houston riot all weekend. DeRo for $150K and a flying squirrel??


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the DP cap hit is 400,000. A salary of 325,000 would not make him a DP. But I could be wrong.