Stuart Holden: "I’m Ready to Step Up"


If I were a Dynamo supporter I might be more than a little concerned about the loss of Dwayne De Rosario to his native Canuckistan and the lack of depth at striker, especially with Nate Jacqua already in Seattle auditioning for a cameo on Grey's Anatomy. But I'm not orange so it's not my problem. But if I were, I'd read this piece on Stuart Holden in today's Houston Chronicle and probably calm right the f*ck down.

The dude has been tapped to start in the attacking midfield role left vacant by King Cornrow™ and that seems like a good move to my ignorant soccer mind. I'm not no coach or player so what do I really know but Holden's got youth, skill and --from reading this article-- boatloads of confidence and desire. Now 2009 is but a point in the future at the moment but I honestly think that this deal is going to work out in the best interest of both sides: TFC gets a desperately-needed bad MF in the middle of the attack who happens to be street official in T.O. and Houston gets to begin the transition into the next era without the temptation to start experience over youth.

See, everybody is happy. Except for De Ro's hairdresser...that dude is going to be out of some serious scratch.

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