Rise of the Foot Soldier: A Feel Good Movie Just in Time for Christmas

If you like this sort of thing, Rise of the Foot Soldier --the biopic of Inter City Firm legend Carlton Leach-- came out in the U.S. on DVD last week. Bloody stuff that is not for the faint hearted. And as all contemporary Brit gangster films do, it features the now-requisite Frank Harper-as-geezer role. Seriously, this guy has played the hard man in every Brit film since Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Sort yourself out Vinnie Jones; quit fighting locals in South Dakota and reclaim your crown son.


Anonymous said...

completely unrelated, but have you seen the red bull arena webcam this evening??, it looks even prettier at night

Anonymous said...

What a prick that Vinnie Jones!

Anonymous said...

great movie. way bloodier and with a better plot than football factory or any other hooligan related film. definitely rivals the firm from the 80's.

frank's kicking vinnie's ass as far as the brit's hardest man award goes.