Red Bull GM Speaks to You, Me & Red Bulls Reader


Running the New York MLS franchise has got be one of the hardest gigs in American soccer. You're in one of the best cities in the nation for soccer fan's yet most of them don't care that you exist. And the one's that do care...oh huh huh, we care a lot. Like "A LOT" alot. Same thing goes for the media. AND your team plays on the worst surface this side of Johnny Trejo's face.

It's ok though because as long as you build this palace out in NJ, don't keep talking about it in timetable so much that it you become a national punchline, and you (inexplicably) get to a cup final for the 1st time in franchise history, you're doing OK for being the new guy. It also helps that you --unlike your predecessor-- are not afraid to talk to people and spend your time hiding under your desk for fear of having to answer questions. Any questions. Erik Stover, the current RBNY GM, is answering questions and will take more; hopefully he sticks around long enough to see his job get a little easier.


Anonymous said...

That's Danny Trejo, NOT Johnny Trejo.

sublicon said...

That fan of the year looks like Bobby Abreu with the black bar over his face. It still pisses me off that Rojas did a publicity shot with that bozo, instead of Johan "El Caballo" Santana.