Photos of the Day: Yank Footie Player's Vegas Job


Our man Charlie hipped me to a bunch of photos of Sacha Kljesten, Charlie Davies, Benny Feilhaber, Robbie Rogers, Stuart Holden and few other members of American soccer's youth movement ballin' outta control in Las Vegas this past weekend. Apparently everyone who has at least an Olympic cap for the U.S. was out there. Oh, and so was Mike Magee.

Forget 'young Hollywood' with all their cocaine and TMZ. These are real players.


Robbie Rogers must be the ladykiller of the bunch. Or the freak. It really could go either way but judging by the smile on her face (and another photo to come), I'd say it was the former.


This is pretty much Vegas in a nutshell: cheesing it drunkenly for the camera's, couch-dancing, confusion, at some point someone inevitably does "the cabbage patch", another guy's brother shows up out of nowhere and a few random birds off to the side.


If ever there was photo that was positively gagging to be the subject of a you write the caption contest this is it.


More Stuart Holden. I kinda want to hang with this guy as he seems to not give a damn and isn't afraid to let you know it. Stuart call me, I'll introduce you to an exhibitionist/receptionist I know that loves accents and vodka. Natch.


I take back what I said about the earlier photo that was Vegas in a nutshell. THIS is Vegas in a nutshell: tig 'ol biddies and bottle service.


How about our Sacha? I feel like the kid is the Vinnie Chase of this crew. You just know that this song was blasting when the flash went.


Gentlemen, would you join me in standing at your workstations right now to salute young Robbie Rogers for behaving like pro athlete. It seems like only yesterday he was a hot prospect returning from an short, troubled European adventure with all manner of question marks surrounding him. Now look at him, drink in hand with women at the front, back and feet of him. Play on player.


SCNewJersey said...

awsome shots.. can't help but feel jealous.

gotta love the sofa picture, with Rogers' "who the f*ck are these guys" look, and Gordon hoping to catch a ride on somebody's coat tails.

Anonymous said...

great pics, haha

Anonymous said...

lmao saw these on f-book earlier today

PW said...

Oh, to be having it that large...

Jason said...

I'm thinking I should've spent a little less time studying and a lot more time working on my game.

Cindy said...

i have to say the boys all look fresh! very sharp outfits, i approve.

FC Uptown said...

Good times, I'm jealous. Maybe some "pro's" in there...?

Anonymous said...

Rogers is the man.. MASSIVE is all I can say.. Play on playa.

Anonymous said...

You are my Rogers
My Robbie Rogers
You make me happy
When skies are gray
When it is pouring
You just keep scoring
Please don't take
My Rogers Away

FC Uptown said...

A little uneasy about the facebook postings. Those guys cannot be overjoyed with this.

SF said...


Meh.If someone is posting pictures on the open internet (these were public so that non-friends could see them)they are probably not too concerned about it and apparently want people to see them. Hell, it's not like they are doing something wrong like wearing sweatpants to the club with a handgun in the waist.

Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

Is there a way to make sure that Danny Szetela sees this? Photo evidence suggests he might need social guidance.

Amanda said...

I love all of these pictures. Hilarious, kids.

In this one, is that Brad Evans in the gray shirt? I seem to recognize that hipster mustache from the Crew.

Anonymous said...

Damn these are awesome, anyone know why the get together? One of our boys getting hitched or something.

b00zeNYC said...

Someone needs to send Archbishop Don 'Da Magic' Juan an invite to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Damn SF, I just MLSR shamelessly bite your pictures all up on their website, they gave a link to your site but damn they didn't say they were yours they just said you provide some witty commentary.

This sucks man, I like original content. I hope you guys have some sort of sharing agreement and I'm just being overly sensitive here.

SF said...

At the end of the day it's the web and if it's out there, it's out there.

peteo said...

"One Marvell. Two Marvels." You mean four marvels? Awesome.

Like Jason said above: "I.Should.Have.Played.Soccer."

nathan said...

does anyone wonder if these "kdis" got in for free like other pro players from different sports? the day soccer players are treated like players from the mlb, nfl or nba, we will know that soccer has become THE sport in america. these kids are trying hard, lets just avoid the guns please.

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