NSR: Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino

Who do you think would win in a bare knuckles, steel-cage ladder-match; Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris? Norris has the martial arts skills but Eastwood is just ornery and that's a wild card that you can't put a value on.

He's got a new picture coming out that I kinda want to see just because he plays such a grumpy, olde "I ain't changing for nobody" hard-ass in it. Basically it's Archie Bunker meets Dirty Harry. Plus there is a muscle car. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Looks bad ass, I can't wait

Anonymous said...

Hes so old but still so bad ass, haha.

Mr. Held Over said...

Dude, he's 90 and he's kicking some young punk's ass!

"Get off my lawn!"

Did the guy's behind FARK write this movie?

larryang said...

Will fire arms (specifically revolvers)? How about simian side kicks?

But if the fight involved directing skills, Clint is the winner hands down.

michfan2123 said...

Great trailer, I look forward to seeing it.