New Blog on the Block: Seattle Times Sounders FC Blog


Now that the 2008 season is but lager-soaked memory, the Seattle Sounders of Major League Soccer seems so much more real now. No longer a "next year" thing it is a "now" thing, particularly in Jet City. Fashion shows,

The Seattle Times has jumped into the game too and launched Jose Romero's Sounders FC Blog. Yesterday he hit up the Seahawks practice where Freddie Lujungberg got to politicking with coach Mike Holmgren fellow follicley-challenged athlete quarterback Matt Hasselback. Good stuff and worth adding to your RSS feed.

Photo courtesy of Corky Trewin/Seattle Seahawks.


Jay Five said...

Freddie, we all know you're a model, but come on!!! The big turtle-neck and fur collar don't play.

Barrak said...

Wow. A Matt Hasselbeck jersey. What an honor.

Anonymous said...

seahawks jersey = bad luck lately. dont take it freddie!!!