Medium-Sized Intro to A Long Q&A With Sebastien Le Toux


Please excuse the seemingly random David Bowie reference in the caption. It's just that his white jacket made me think of The Killers, whose new album is produced by Stuart Price aka Jacques Lu Cont who does remix's under the name Thin White Duke. He also fronts the band Zoot Woman and wore a white jacket like the one Sounders forward Sebastien Le Toux is rocking in the video for "It's Automatic".

Now that you've suffered through my Matt Pinfield-esque intro, you should read this Q&A with the aforementioned Frenchman. If you don't follow USL you probably don't know too much about him but once Seattle joins MLS you will most assuradly be hearing loads about him. Frenchie can play.

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Allez Le Toux!