I Lived the "Soccer Mom" Episode of Family Guy This A.M.

I just called a woman at the deli "sir". I did this because she had both a deeper voice and a hairier lip than I. Needless to say the "go to hell" look she gave me was long & hard enough to send the G-Spot of my guilt's vagina into uncontrollable, orgasmic exctasy.

So I'd like to apologize to the butch lady at the deli for accidentally pointing out the obvious; have a laugh courtesy of Family Guy, it will make you feel better...or at least keep you from crying.


noddables said...

Look SF -- we're Texans. Where we come from, if you use your "sirs and ma'ams", that just means your mama raised you right. In other parts of the country, this can lead to misunderstandings, but you can easily explain yourself by...

Oh wait, you called a woman "sir". Nevermind.

Anonymous said...