The Hanukkah Post


Happy Hanukkah to all my tribes-people out there in the soccersphere. In honor of all of the Menorah lighting & whatnot that's kicking off today I just wanted to throw out my most sincere well wishes to you and yours this holiday season. Extra-special T.O.R shalom to the Lev's, the Ryazansky's and the Weiss's. La Hiem y'all.

While we are on the topic, how well do you know your soccer Jewry? If you need to brush up on who might like lox and who may not, you should check out the new blog from Jew or Not Jew. Sprinkled amongst the Rod Carew's and Sandy Kofax's they feature/debate the Jewishness of a number of footie personalities that seem like shoe-ins (Johnny Bornstein anyone?) and those whose that you may not have guessed. It's absurd to a degree but there is some damn fine humor in there.

Check out Jew or Not Jew's athlete's & coaches section. You should also roll up on this bit that The Kin of Fish did on Jewish soccer legends.


Mr. Fish said...

Thanks for the link and the Tribe love!

Ed Zelaski said...

The picture looks very similar to Beitar Jerusalem's logo

Joey said...

Happy Hanukah. L'Chaim!