Fernando Torres, Playstation Addict


I enjoy a good session of gaming as much as the next guy. In fact I hope to get in a bit of Far Cry 2 in tonight when I get back to the manor. But Fernando Torres needs an intervention y'all. The Spaniard has spent £35,000 installing three "PlayStation rooms" in his house, each complete with a giant plasma TV, surround sound and PlayStation 3 consoles.

I know he's rich and all but come on now, that is just overboard. I could see having one room dedicated to wasting time digitally, really I could. But three? Either you're just being showy or you really need to put the World of Warcraft down; there's help around, seek it.


SCNewJersey said...

I've always been a fan of El Nino... but this just skyrocketed him up my list of favorite footballers (i'm sure he'll be thrilled to know)

Ball away, my son... Ball away...

andrewk said...

if i had one of those rooms i'd never stop playing fallout3

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

What are the odds his house is burgled next?

(Nice manipulation of the ticker, SF)