Dave van den Burgh Needs To Get Paid


Big Apple Soccer brings news that RBNY's out-of-contract Dutch Master Dave van den Bergh is less than happy with the reduced-salary offer that the club has put forth for 2009. There is sooooo much I could say about this but my dude Dan at Metrofanatic does it much better than I think I could so you should go read him.

Now if you're a fan of the Western Conference Champion Red Bull New York, this news may leave you feeling a little less than happy with the powers that be over in Seacaucus. It's understandable, and honestly, par for the course for the NY club no matter who owns it. But you know what I do when I get upset about something the club does? I look at this for 30 seconds and it feels like I'm laying on a bed of fluffy kittens while unicorns & Skittles rain down from a cloud shaped like Halle Berry and I just calm right down. Basically Red Bull Arena is like that mind-eraser thing in Men in Black; it's really great at making you forget whatever they did that 10 minutes ago.


Anonymous said...

its a slap in the face to offer him less, but hard to offer him more based on his salary and what the team needs to do. the team needs to lock him in long term though. they need to cut these big money signings that came here and rarely (if ever saw the field) in the playoffs. sure we got to the cup, but we know we still need improvement in some areas and cant offer VDB much more then what we are already paying him to do that.

Nick said...

It's "Secaucus" and pronounced "SEE-kawk-us" not "see-KAWK-us"

Just a FYI

M. Komar said...


Anonymous said...

Let RB Salzburg sign him at Euro currency and loan him back to RBNY!

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