You Wanted The Best and They Got The Best!


Designated Players Soccer By Ives, DuNord and the blog currently known as TOR are amongst the nominees for U.S. Soccer's Best Blog for 2008. Also amongst the ranks of contenders are the Dean of D.C. Steven Goff, my boy Kyle @ Behind the Badge and funny-guy James Tyler from Unprofessional Foul. Who do you think will win it? Ives or Goff?

In the unlikely event that TOR brings it home I vow to make a Peter Griffin-esque 'thank you' speech where I thank both God and the Devil. If you've never seen this speech it's in the "Patriot Games" episode of Family Guy but I have transcribed it for you below.

"I want to thank God. I want to thank the Lord God because it is really not up to me, it is up to him and I want to thank the devil too because you know that is why God is there. He is minding the fence to make sure that guy never comes back. You know if it weren't for the devil God would have probably gone insane, blowing he's brains out from boredom. Everybody likes to feel useful....it make a da world go around."

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Lingering Bursitis said...

For that potential speech alone, I hope its you. That said, I ain't changing my vote. :)