Xtreme Soccer brought to you by Snap Into a Slim Jim™

I don't really follow indoor soccer. When it comes to indoor soccer I'm kind of like most Americans are about outdoor soccer; I'm down to play it but I'm not really one to watch it. But I might not mind 3v3, fog machined steel-cage match indoor soccer to a big-beat soundtrack. That's what going on in one of the MANY leagues going by the name Xtreme Soccer (Google it, you'll see what I mean).

I bet this would take off if they signed, say "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and the British Bulldog and took it on the county fair circuit. And judging by the diving header that the one guy scores --on a three foot high goal no less-- Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka would be All-County in this league as well.

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Anonymous said...

ah....yea...really can't sign the british bulldog...uh...he passed away a few year pack...rip