Washington Post: Michael Parkhurst Off to Denmark


"Once again, we are seeing a quality American player leave behind the domestic league for a secondary European circuit." -Steven Goff, Washington Post

"Bunk" - SF, The Offside Rules


KirkBhoy said...

Man's gotta get paid.

Anonymous said...

Goal.com had something earlier today (may have been sooner but that is when I read it) about Edson Buddle attracting interest from German club(s).

Soto said...

Unless they have tons more cash than the Revs, I don't get a move to Denmark. I can understand moving to first or second division in England, Spain, Germany, or Italy or fist division in France, Netherlands, or Belgium. Those leagues arguably have more talent and offer more experience than the MLS. But Denmark? Is the Danish team at least in UEFA Cup, where Parkhurst would see some great soccer?

Anonymous said...

grrrr. Think Parkhurst! Think this more closely! Stay in MLS and build up your stock further so that a more prestigious club can come around and show interest. Looks like it worked for Cooper as more quality suitors have appeared for him and lets not forget Bayerns lust for Donovan. To be honest, i think Europeans scout MLS more than the league in Denmark

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if a few more of our guys could go to France or Holland, instead of denmark or 2nd division Norway.
But i can't blame him, who would want to play on turf with football lines, in front of 10k fans (maybe)

J. Klinsman said...

Yep - it's all about money. I would guess he can make $600k to $800k per year over there, and easily transfer to the Bundesliga, Championship, EPL, etc. if he has a great year in Denmark. Plus, MLS will get something for his transfer (unless his contract is up...but I don't think it is).

While it's nice to think he could stay in MLS and increase his stock, he could also stay for another year on that awful turf field, injure himself and his career is done.

So good for him. Wish he could stay, but MLS just can't afford to pay like other leagues yet. They need to keep growing and maybe in 10-15 years they'll be there. It just takes time.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, stumbled upon this site by chance trying to find out who this Parkhurst character were.

FYI, the Danish league is arguably the best of the Scandinavian leagues at the moment. A conservative guess would place the Danish premier on par with the Championship or the Scottish premier. So you ask why would he come here? Increase in the paycheck, european football, the chance to be "seen" by major clubs. The Danish league is certainly a good feeder league for the major european ones. Every year lots of players transfer back and forth.

Now, to show you the other side of the story - Many fans here often consider American players as lottery tickets as they have either questionable quality or cannot adapt to a more technical style of play. White and Feilhaber seem to be average players in the league. Califf is very slow but survives on good positioning skills. Haitian Peguero didn't seem to have the right physique and was injured. The team Parkhurst is going to had an American leftback at point who was decent (sorry but his name eludes me right now)... The point is, the fans of that team is right now trying to find out who Parkhurst is and probably wondering if he is going to be an asset to them at all?

Sorry, but as a Dane, I was just slightly offended by some of the comments and wanted to give you a different perspective. Thanks for reading.