Video: Press Pass on Americans Outsourced to Europe

Ameri-cuns, f*ck yeah! Guisseppe Rossi, f*ck off.


thapeez said...

Since when has Freddy been considered a scoring machine? A creative attacker, yes, but I don't think you can rate him based on goals/match. Anyway, hopefully we'll see more of him and Jozy on the field in the future.

Anonymous said...

right on with the F G.R.

HomeyBoehme said...

I find it interesting in our democratic country where the mantra is "anything is possible" that we vilify someone who choses something we don't agree with.

Can we really say that America developed Rossi? I mean his dad (Italian) was his coach...he's played in Italy for most of his formative footballing life...he played for Italy U-16 through U-21...I mean, yes, he was born in Jersey, but he always intended on playing for Italy since he was young.

He never lead the USSF on saying "Oh, maybe I'll play for you instead of Italy." He never lied to American fans saying he would choose the UMNT and then went behind our backs to choose Italy. He was always always always always playing for Italy. People who think otherwise just never listened to anything Rossi ever said or paid attention to what Rossi ever did.

SF said...

I hear you. He should do whatever his heart tells him and shouldn't be bound by what others expect.

But for me personally...I feel like he knows that HIS country --not his father's-- could REALLY use him but it's more fashionable, glamorous, and an easier route to a World Cup trophy to play for Italy.

I also feel a little slighted, I won't lie. It makes me feel like one of my own people possibly feels like America isn't good enough for him or that he has more love for another country than his home country. Call me overly patriotic and sentimental --I freely admit that I am-- but damn that shit is sad. How could a little Jersey kid NOT want to rep for the USA?

Anonymous said...

Rossi sucks.