Video: Cepero and Richards on The Bayou City Beat Down

My apologies if it seems like I'm rubbing the RBNY victory all up in anyone's faces today. But you have to let me be over-the-top just the once; it's not something that I ever do or have the excuse to do so please bear with me.

You heard what little I had to say about the win. You saw what Shep had to say about the win. Now see what Danny Cepero and Dane Richards have to say about it. (Bonus: if you want more from Richards on it, Jack Bell just spoke with him for the New York Times.)


sublicon said...

Danny is humble to give all the credit to the 10 guys in front of him, considering he made 5 spectacular saves to keep us in it. Credit to him, baby.

Anonymous said...

I love Richards confidence of late. He just flat out says "we're gonna win". I fully expect them to beat Salt Lake.

Christopher said...

It's a good thing NYRB has Cepero and Richards to make up for the rest of that piece of trash squad.

Outshot 16-7, btw, including two or three off the crossbar. Easily could have been 4-2 or 4-3 for the Dynamo. Red Bull rode their luck.