Video: Best MLS Cup Moments

Magic moments y'all. Drink them in.

If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I am in LA and can't be bothered to blog as I'll be with the boys and drinking and ballin' and singin' and whatnot. If you're out there and you see my ugly ass around the HDC, give us a holler.


Anonymous said...

We want pics of hot uber soccerati chiks

Anonymous said...

Tony Sannehs winner in overtime, in a torrential tsunami in the first ever MLS cup has got to be for me the greatest MLS cup moment

chris said...

you mean eddie pope? sanneh had an earlier goal, also a header, but eddie popes header was the game winner in overtime.

Anonymous said...

NO, I meant Tony Sanneh, damn you and your facts, my memory says Sanneh and so Sanneh it is =P