Veterans Day Post


Happy Veterans Day to any and all servicemen and women who may or may not read this hulking wreck of a blog. Your sacrifice and service is not lost on me and on behalf of my family I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. The significance of today is particularly poignant for us this year because my nephew, Army Staff Sgt. Michael Beck, returned home safely from a 13-month tour of Iraq this past Saturday; here's to him and his brothers & sisters in arms.


Anonymous said...

My brother in-law came back from his final tour on Saturday too. Ft. Campbell.

Happy Veterans to all our service mean and women. Thank you for your service.


kco said...

Marines! Semper Fi!

Brand-One said...

From a Veteran,

thak you for keeping me updated on my favorite sport.


SF said...


The pleasure is mine sir.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for caring. Not many people do these days. There were only about 40 people at our Veteran's Day service today.

- Clayton, US Army
OIF 06 - 07