Tuesday is the New Monday


What's up you world? I'm back from the Left Coast today and I think I'm finally lucid enough to type something. When I headed out west I was all hyped up and excited to go out and kill Los Angeles; it was going to be all poppin' bottles, Spaceland and Tao. Yea-uh...it didn't quite go down like that.

For the sake of brevity, I will say that this photo sums it up. After being awake for 36+ hours when I landed and not getting to bed until another 15 hours later I was so tired that at one point I decided that the paper goods isle of the Torrance K-Mart was as good a place as any to catch a nap. You'll be surprised to learn that in addition to be absorbent, Bounty is quite comfy.

It was a good trip though, although for the life of me I can't figure out why I did not rent a car. Who tries to spend a weekend in LA without renting a car? Someone who thinks it's appropriate to sleep in a K-Mart apparently.


Binks said...

It's Los Angeles. One must have a car more so here than any other place on the planet.

With the exception of our wyld goose chase with eggs, with did have a good time though.

Even that will seem funny in another year or so.

b00zeNYC said...

Hah. Had room in the hoopty out of LAX when we got there, chill meetin u and J on the flight over. Fun times, if we'd won we might all be in jail still though hehe. Holla.

Anonymous said...

I'm feelin the mellow yellows

Mingo said...

Was cheering the Bulls on from my place in Pasadena (couldn't score tickets). I think I may have turned some of my inlaws into soccer fans with that match.

Always next year.

beans said...

Always good seeing you kid. You and the ESC held it down for sure. Good to see the Bethlehem shirt served you well...its gotta be good times when you pass out on some Bounty in the grocery store. Looks like we gotta head back to NY for the next round.


Anonymous said...

Not tryin to hate but damn those is some ugly ass shoes man! What pimp did you mug for those?

SF said...


I got those at the swap meet on Slawson Ave. (When in Rome).