Stadium P*rn: Red Bull Arena Steel Erection Animation

I realize that I am probably offending the Google Safe Search gods with the words "porn" and "erection" in the title but hey, I like to live dangerously. Especially if it involves showing off the improbable beauty that is Red Bull Arena. If you've checked out the webcam recently you've noticed that the steel is flying up with all the speed of Dane Richards running from a rabid dog. The animation above gives you a look at what the framing will look like once complete and in what order it will go up.

Do you really need another reason to buy season tickets for next year?


Anonymous said...

Damn SF, you should put NSFW on the title, RedBull Arena is sooooo hot right now

SF said...

It's sex is indeed on fire.

Anonymous said...

Um, yes, I do need another reason ... not one more game at the Meadowlands!!

Unless, they promise at least half the season at the new arena, then nope, I ain't re-upping until 2010.

You can't even get a direct bus to the stadium anymore. Subway to Penn Station, train to Suckaucus, bus to stadium. Duh!