Soccer Mom Heaven: The Wizards meet Coldplay

cp photo-1

There are two people in this photo who get paid to travel around, see the world and play music; those people are Chris Martin (sitting) and Will Champion (short hair, beard, best name ever) out of Coldplay. I'm sure you've heard of them as your missus and your mother listen to them when they need a good cry about how you're not doing what they want you to do.

There are 4 other people in this photo who get paid to travel around, see the world --or the country at least until they make CONCACAF Champions League-- and play footie; those people are (l to r) Tyson Wahl, Ryan Pore, Kevin Souter (obscured by Will Champion's head) and Jonathan Leathers. I'm sure you've heard of them as they may have made you cry this season because they did your team in or because are your team.

My man Kyle from Hillcrest Road hipped me to the fact that last Thursday a bunch of Wizards players were let in backstage to the band's show in K.C.; they're huge soccer fans and arranged for 15 players to meet-and-great the band. I hear Jimmy Conrad did a pretty good interrogation job to find out who they support back in the U.K; Chris supports Exeter City, Will apparently has a thing for lost causes and Southampton while guitarist Johnny Buckland is down for Tottenham. No word on the preferences of impossibly handsome bassist Guy Berryman (I just want to punch him in the face to level the playing field...it's unfair to the rest of us) but as he's a Scot I'm going to project my own tastes onto him and declare him for Celtic.

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Ed said...

Exeter? Not really a celebrity glory-seeker then, eh?