RBNY Success Fathers More Theories Than The X-Files


From Glenn Davis' piece in the Houston Chronicle on MLS Cup:

"The Red Bulls have been organized, workmanlike, resilient and lucky, all at once. Opponents have hit the post six times over the past two games. Their coach, Juan Carlos Osorio, is obsessive about tactics and preparation and has gone through challenges ranging from losing Jozy Altidore (Villareal) to having Claudio Reyna retire (a blessing, with all due respect) and on to the suspensions of keeper Jon Conway and defender Jeff Parke."

There are approximately 264 different theories of why the Western Conference Champion Red Bull New York is in MLS Cup. Here are a few of today's best in no particular order:

-Notebook-toting coach Juan Carlos Osorio is a tactical genius.
-They are not a soccer team but are in fact the Justice League of the sports world.
-They have mastered the ancient art of the dreaded counter attack.
-Simple. They quit putting up with Claudio Reyna.
-Danny Cepero is giving them far more than they are paying for.
-(To the tune of Guantanamera) Juan Pablo Angel, there's only Juan Pablo Angel.
-They are taking advantage of their ticket to The Second Chance Dance.


ghandi said...

He is more of a tactical genius than Denis Hamlett will ever be.

SCNewJersey said...

Thank you SF, that image made me crack-up lol.