And the Oscar Goes To...Park City TV for Rio Tinto Stadium!

When it rains it, uh...gets you wet. So let me just soak down this afternoon with even more stadium p0rn for that ass. Park City TV put together a gorgeous and immaculately-produced piece on the reigning beauty queen of American soccer stadiums, the Rio Tinto. Feel free to watch it above but if you want the full HD effect jump over to Vimeo.com.

Aesthetics aside, this piece is also informative in that it let's the players tell the story of why their new house is some full-on baller sh*t; who else in MLS has an all-seater with in-house hot tubs and some of the finest grass this side of Humbodlt County? And as much as I would love to give RBNY "The Edge" this Saturday and cheer them on to an ironic Western Conference title at home, I'm actually quite glad that the nation will see this instead of this.

Shouts to Behind the Shield for the hook up.

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Anonymous said...

If they're so proud of how "pristine" the grass is then they wouldn't practice on it every freaking day. They're going to learn the hard way like Montreal did this year. The best pitches in Europe are pristine because nobody sets foot on them except for games and maintenance. That's the difference between Colorado's orgasmic pitch and the Home Depot Centre's minefield.