An Open Letter From D.C. United's Ownership


Dear D.C. United Staff-

We are about to be all up in your sh*t like Charmin.

Will & Victor

P.S. Vote Gallardo or you're all fired.


iwj said...

Will and Vic are really class acts. They are at almost ever game and you can really tell that they care about DCU and the legacy of the club. If only more owners in MLS cared as much about their on the field product. Although the season was seen by most as a failure there were attempts made throughout the season to improve the team. Injuries were a major hindrance this year. The congested schedule didn't help either. MLS needs to do something about over scheduling their top teams. The league is still in it's infancy and with the limits of the salary cap and overall US talent pool teams cannot be expected to play 50+ competitive games a year. Well I guess I've gone off on a bit of a rant. I'm sure DCU will be back near the top of the table next year. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

You may think Will and Victor are a class act, but then you don't live in Prince George's County. They went to the politicians, didn't contact citizens, and "told us" that the new stadium would be in our county. We are struggling with high taxes and budget deficits; they want to raise our property taxes in violation of what people voted for, and yet float bonds to pay for stadiums, when we are closing schools. I don't call that a good corporate partner - the way this was done was underhanded and showed no respect for Prince Georians.