MLS Cup Be Damned, It's Not Over Yet!


Did you know that Houston's playing tonight? And here you thought the MLS season was over, which it technically is. But DeRo's Dynamo have hung in there to be the last American man standing in the inaugural CONCACAF Champions League as well as being the last MLS team playing meaningful matches in 2008 and I think that's worth drinking to. I dunno about you but I having The Last Drop...what's your poison?


Mayer said...

I like Chivas (pronounced "shivus").

Anonymous said...

is there any tv for this? FSC, Univision, etc

dec football said...


FC Uptown said...

Hilarious when asked what he was going to do after he won the MLS Cup, and DeRo said "Getting drunk". LOL

Anonymous said...

Well, Houston looked great for the first 30 minutes or so. I was thinking, "Wow, OK, so this is how MLS can fare in CONCACAF when a team actually plays its A quad."

Then Firpo turned it up. And Houston got panicky, and sloppy, and things got dicey.

So a mixed result. But a win. And Houston moves on...

Anonymous said...

That should be "A squad," of course.

The A quad was somewhere on my college campus. I never saw it. I was always in my dorm room, drunk.

Anonymous said...

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In this case we have a thread ending with my thoughts on last night's Houston game. Actually, we have a thread now ending with my butchering of Ini Kamoze and my musings about being a thread-killer.

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