Merritt Paulson Wants PDX Money For PDX MLS


This morning New York Times sportswriter Richard Sandomir laid down an in-depth piece on Portland Timber owner/wealthy S.O.B. Merritt Paulson and his quest for public money for expansion-necessary stadium renovations. It's good stuff that gives a little incite on why the Paulson's don't just pay for the $85 million dollars worth of work their damn selves. As Portland City Commissioner says "wealthy people tend to be wealthy because they’re shrewd business folks.” I'd agree with that, but I'd also say that with money being as tight as an emo kid's jeans, wealthy people may have to think about loosening their grip on a little cash and be content with just being rich.

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JL said...

If wealthy people didn't have to pay so much taxes, perhaps they wouldn't have to be asking for for other people's money. Also, if there wasn't so much money in the government, then wealthy people would be discouraged from asking for any. My philosophy, lower spending, abolish programs, and lower/get rid of taxes.

Let Paulson keep his money, he'll be more than happy to invest it.