Make Room Landon, Big Kenny's Thinking Germany as Well


Did you read Steve Davis this week? Dude came with a story about Eintract Frankfurt being interested in jumping on the Kenny Cooper train, y'know, the one that Cardiff City and Rosenborg missed at the station. Good for him is he can A) get the deal done and B) get some playing time. But as much as he'd gain from a move like that, I think MLS fans will lose out on seeing stud of striker week in week out.

But as Davis youches on in the article, for whatever reason U.S. strikers don't get paid in the U.S. Oh they get paid as in they recieve a check for thier services, but they don't get PAID as in they can buy a house for thier Momma outright when they sign thier contract. It's kinda of like some Josephine Baker shit for them; your talent doesn't recive the appreciation as you think it should at home so you have go to Europe to get it.


ben said...

mmmm josephine baker....delicious. even lynn whitfield as josephine baker....delicious

Anonymous said...

This is good news, it would suck not to have Coop around, but look at the bright side. The more US players we send to europe the more depth we'll have for the national team and the more spots it will open up for young US players in MLS who would've otherwise been sitting on a bench for their whole MLS career (cough)Chris Seitz (cough)

Brian said...

Another reason why Quaranta deserved most improved over this guy.