Video: KSL's Yura Movsisyan Profile

Here's a video piece to accompany the Yura Movsisyan article I linked to earlier this morning. He wants to know what he can do for America in exchange for the blessings that America has given him. My suggestion is to keep improving, get your citizenship and get capped; I'd love nothing more than to sing "Yura Movsisyan is a proud American!"


BJ said...

Big fan of the blog, just started my own American soccer blog. Check it out, http://dos-a-cero.blogspot.com/ Any feedback would be great.

Anonymous said...

im a huge fan of Yura. He seems like a more physical Kenny Cooper as Yura would rather use his footwork to penetrate into the box while Cooper would use his footwork to find space to take distance shots.

charlton heston said...

Faced with death. You don't have to die.