Juergen on Landon: The Soccernet Interview

The man responsible for the Landon loan sat down with Soccernet and gives 7+ minutes accolades and insight. Great interview. I'm really starting to enjoy ESPN's footie videos more & more and I'm so glad this stuff is now available on TV more often; set your DVR because Press Pass is now available on ESPN Classic twice a week. I can't speak for you but I think this is a welcome alternative to Fox Football Fone-in.


Anonymous said...

FFF?...ugh...that show is like a live broadcast of BigSoccer. A bunch of rambling know it all idiots, with an occasional opinion of sanity.

Jurgen sounds downright giddy about Lando, lol

chris said...

are you calling klinsman a "know it all idiot?" hes one of the biggest coaches in europe.