Jozy Still Thinks Villarreal Might Put Him on the Stroll


Now that Jozy has scored in La Liga his stay there feels at least as good as the early days of Freddy's brief time at Benfica; it certainly feels much more promising than Eddie Johnson's stay at the Cardiff City branch of the Witness Relocation League. But The Boy King of New York & Jersey™ tells USA TODAY that he might end up moving quicker than Adu. Not to get all Carol King on y'all but doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?

Photo by Olugbenro Ogunsemore.


Anonymous said...

God, these photos of our guys like Altidore and Adu are sooooooo much better than those ridiculous afeminite photos our guys took for Vanity Fair(?) before the world cup in Korea.

Landon, Mcbride, an oh god the infamous 'back that thang up' photo of Mastroeni. LOL Whoever authorized that photo shoot should be slapped silly.

gpullis said...

If only he could get loaned back to RBNY next season. :)

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