Journalist As Stoked For Red Bull Arena as I Am


The NY Daily News' Filip Bondy is a soccer man. Unfortunately he has to write more about basketball and other sports more often --hey, a guy's gotta get a check-- but make no mistake, he is down. What he is not down with is Giants Stadium, just like most people.

He blogged today about how he is like most Gotham footie fans and can't wait for the Western Conference Champion Red Bull New York to get into their new digs because "there is nothing worse than viewing soccer from the sealed pigeon roost that passes for the press box at Giants Stadium." He also says that you won't be able to keep him away from soccer games when the new spot opens (RBNY communications dept., please take note of this).

See this is why Red Bull Arena might be one of the most important things to happen to the league post-DP rule. If this new building can get journalists in the nation's largest & most important media market as hyped as fans to take in match, (Warning: hyperbole alert!!!!) it may change the quality, quantity and frequency of coverage for the club and the league forever.


Ed said...

that stadium is going to be an absolute gem. shit, i don't give two shits about the red bulls and i wanna be there for the opener.

Mayer said...

It would be nice if they could get it open in time for Champions League.

Anonymous said...

They'll probably draw very well for the Champions League there with the huge multicultural population.

coachie ballgames said...

Hate to be a cynic, but I don't think the stadium will save the New York market.

The Devils didn't exactly rocket up the NY metro-area relevancy charts when they moved to their shiny new digs in Newark.

For the vast majority of soccer loving fans in New York City, Jersey will always seem too far and thus off the radar.

Anonymous said...

I hate the pink cows, but damn do I wanna make the trip.

If they can get a marketable yet still quality DP, they'll be the ish and the unbelievers will come.

Anyone know how security will be at this joint. Nothing will kill the experience faster than gestapo like CSC security.

Anonymous said...

it's people like you (the designated players bloggers and various columnists) that will help save the ny team. i would just like to thank you all for the support and coverage you give this team.

john from nj

Anonymous said...

Just saw the video of the new practice facility too. What a f***ing gem!!

Anonymous said...

Oh whoa is the NY fan, this elitest "I'm unable to cross the river" stuff is very old, get over yourselves.. to make it worse majority of the elite scum are city transplants.